Georgia Construction Accidents Lawyers

I suffered a construction injury – what do I do next?

Construction injuries are the most common injuries out there. As many people work on construction sites, it is only normal that injuries occur on a daily basis. Whether it is something falling down on you, or you falling from a certain height, you could easily receive a life changing injury. Our Construction Accidents Lawyers will help you with your case.

If this does happen to you or someone you know, you should be aware that you are eligible to receive worker’s compensation for your injury. The state has several different programs, all which are made to help injured individuals receive proper financial compensation. Perhaps you already have a work comp claim at hand without being aware of it. To find out, contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys from Georgia Workers Compensation Lawyers and schedule an initial consultation, completely free of charge. Learn all about your eligibility to file for work comp, as well as everything about workers compensation program and all other state issued programs which may benefit you.

All of our attorneys work on contingency; you won’t be charged a single dollar for their services until your financial benefits are secured and you receive them. Only then will you be charged on a previously agreed percentage. Feel free to negotiate the deal with the attorney before they start representing you.

Protect yourself

When working on a construction site, it is essential that you protect yourself properly. Wear protective headgear at all time, as well as wests, gloves and other protective clothing. If you are working with heavy machinery, protect yourself from any potential injuries and use tools properly. Watch out for falling objects and any debris that may fall down from above you. If you get hit in the head by even the smallest of objects falling from a second story or more, you may end up dead on sight. This is why helmets are necessary, to protect your and potentially save your life.

Do the following as soon as possible

As soon as you receive the injury, seek medical assistance. You have to stabilize the wounds, and make sure that the injury does not spread. If it is a piercing wound, you may have to receive antibiotics and tetanus shots. However, keep in mind that it is easier to prevent the injury than to treat it, so wear protective gear and watch out where you stand.

Once you start feeling better, seek your employer and report the injury. In the state of Georgia, you have 30 days to report the injury to your superiors. Miss the deadline and you will forever lose the opportunity to receive your financial benefits.

After reporting the injury to your employer, it becomes his responsibility to file for your work comp claim. This has to be done within 4 weeks; if not, you have the right to file a legal lawsuit against your employer.

You are not alone

We are here for you. Our skilled and resourceful attorneys are ready to start working on your case upon called. Instead of waiting, pick up your phone today and give us a call, or write us an email if unable to call. Securing your financial benefits is our only concern, so feel free to reach out to us and we will do the rest.

You have nothing to lose and everything to win by hiring an attorney. The Georgia Workers Compensation Lawyers are at your disposal, one phone call away. They understand what you are going through, and want to help you by taking the workload off of your back. Stay at home and focus on your recovery, while someone else takes care of your financial benefits. Call us today! 404.254.6379